EPJ Web of Conferences (2014-03-01)

Modelling of airflow in a closed simulation box with regard to atmospheric optical link

  • Hajek Lukas,
  • Latal Jan,
  • Bojko Marian,
  • Poboril Radek,
  • Koudelka Petr,
  • Vitasek Jan,
  • Siska Petr,
  • Vasinek Vladimir

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 67
p. 02032


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Article is dealing with defining of mathematical turbulent air flow numerical model in the laboratory box with help of ANSYS Fluent software application. The paper describes real measurement of parameters of mechanical turbulences created by high-speed ventilator mounted on the simulation box. The real measurement took place in two planes perpendicular to each other, input and output slot. Subsequently the simulation of mechanical air flow was performed by the help of k-ε and k-ω turbulent models. The results of individual simulations were evaluated by statistical model in the same points, planes respectively, in which the real measurement was made. Other simulation was dealing with effect of heaters inside of closed laboratory box with regards to optical beam degradation. During real measurement was performed temperature point measurement by probe placed inside of the box. The probe was recording air temperature every one second during seven minutes long measurement. The results comparison of simulated and measured data was made in the end. The maximal temperature reached approximately 50 °C in both cases. Also the air flow character in dependence on the number of hot-air extraction ventilators was monitored.