Вестник СибАДИ (Aug 2017)

Key strategies for improving management of services of the Russian Federation

  • O. M. Kulikova

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 0, no. 6(52)
pp. 122 – 128


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In the article the problems of management in the service sector and directions of their solutions. The main problems in the management in the service sector are the lack of adaptability of the developed management solutions to the ever-changing environment, the existing methods and technologies do not allow with sufficient accuracy to predict change, to present the results in graphic form, and limit the use of the creative potential of the head. The key areas to solve problems and improve the management of the service sector is the introduction of modern methods of simulation, cognitive visualization options theory in management processes in this area, the development of technology and the formation of the optimal use of the resource potential of the processes in this field. On the basis of these directions set by the author, and the problem is solved in the monitoring field of study with the application of mathematical methods, the regularities of providing social services-oriented non-profit organizations. The results can be used to develop management tools in the service sector. Keywords. Scope of services aimed to improve the management in the field of services, outreach services, and monitoring.