MATEC Web of Conferences (Jan 2020)

Optimal path planning based on A* algorithm for submarine mining vehicle

  • Chen Yuheng,
  • Wu Hongyun,
  • Sui Qiru,
  • Chen Yinghao,
  • Wang Rongyao,
  • Chen Bei,
  • Chen Bingzheng,
  • Li Jingwei,
  • Yin Boling,
  • Wang Chunlai

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 309
p. 04006


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Deep sea mining, as a frontier area in China, urgently needs to make progress in automatic navigation technology. In order to improve the operation efficiency of the seabed mining machine on the soft seabed, the submarine mining vehicle which complete the mining work in a certain mining area need to enter the next mining area quickly and economically. As a classical algorithm, the majority of scholars consider that A * algorithm is the most practical path planning search algorithm. Considering the limitation of operation conditions, the three-dimensional diagram is transformed into two-dimensional diagram by interpolation method when the seabed terrain conditions allow, and then the obstacles can be marked in two-dimensional diagram. A* algorithm was applied into the path planning of mining truck. The simulation results of the paper show that path cost, turning time and turning mode should be considered in the process of avoiding obstacles.