SHS Web of Conferences (Jan 2021)

Application of Case Study Method in Teaching Students Specialized in Economics

  • Panteleeva Tatyana,
  • Tikhonova Elena,
  • Boykov Alexander

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 99
p. 01003


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The article focuses on the role of interactive methods in teaching students of economic areas of training, in particular, on the example of the analysis of the introduction of the case method into the teaching methodology. The objectives of the study were to consider the features of modern schools in Europe in the use of the case method; to analyze approaches to the use of the method in foreign countries. The advantages of the case study method over other teaching methods are listed, and the importance of the method in the formation of necessary competencies in teaching students is determined. The article analyzes the experience of implementing the case method in the teaching of economic disciplines. The study reveals the main advantages of using European methods of using the case format in a Russian university. The article determines that the case method can be a powerful tool in the development of critical thinking in future economists. At the same time, the importance of a comprehensive approach when using the method under study is emphasized.