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Organization and management of tourist attractions. Case studies of Lower Silesia projects

Ekonomiczne Problemy Turystyki. 2018;43 DOI 10.18276/ept.2018.3.43-12


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Journal Title: Ekonomiczne Problemy Turystyki

ISSN: 1644-0501 (Print)

Publisher: Wydawnictwo Naukowe Uniwersytetu Szczecińskiego

LCC Subject Category: Social Sciences

Country of publisher: Poland

Language of fulltext: Polish, English

Full-text formats available: PDF



KAZIMIERZ KLEMENTOWSKI (University of Business in Wrocław, Poland)

MARIUSZ SOŁTYSIK (University School of Physical Education in Wrocław, Poland)

ZYGMUNT SAWICKI (University of Business in Wrocław, Poland)

Soňa Jandová (Technical University of Liberec, Czech Republic)

Piotr Oleśniewicz (University School of Physical Education in Wrocław, Poland)


Double blind peer review

Editorial Board

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Time From Submission to Publication: 26 weeks


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Tourist attractions are changing dynamically in terms of form, location, scale, and manner of their creation. This thesis is confirmed by the selected tourist attractions of Lower Silesia presented in the paper. They are an important phenomenon for tourism, as they play a special role in creating the regional tourist product. However, the function of tourist attractions in this area is changing. The expectations of tourist traffic participants and tour operators evolve, which results in changes in the market of tourist attractions, considered a complex and efficiently managed tourist product.