E3S Web of Conferences (2021-01-01)

Study on Frost Heave Evaluation System of Large Canal Foundation Soil in Cold Area

  • Ma Dong-He,
  • Tan Chun,
  • Wang Ye-Ting,
  • He Ta-Na,
  • Wang Yan-Long

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 233
p. 03014


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Frost heave of canal foundation soil is the main factor of destroying canal system engineering in the cold area. Restricted by technical and economic conditions, further evaluation of the frost heaving index and system of the large channel in cold areas where needed. Based on the field investigation and relevant evaluation methods, several evaluation indexes such as water content, compaction coefficient, fine grain content, and cumulative negative surface gas temperature, the direction of canal slope are selected. Combined with the observation results of the prototype test field for many years, the frost heave degree of large channel foundation soil was comprehensively evaluated. The purpose of this paper is to standardize the evaluation method of frost heave characteristics of canal foundation soil in cold region, which has important guiding significance for the prevention and control of road frost damage in the cold region.