Open Astronomy (Jun 2012)

Characterizing the Photometric Response of the ANS Collaboration Monitoring Program

  • Munari U.,
  • Moretti S.

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 21, no. 1-2
pp. 22 – 31


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the ANS Collaboration uses the UBV RCIC filters from various commercial manufacturers (Omega Optical, Custom Scientific, Schuler, Optec, Astrodon) for its ongoing photometric monitoring of symbiotic stars. We measured their transmittance profiles over the range 2000 Å to 1.1 μm for various operating conditions, and we are monitoring their evolution over time. Their field performance in terms of color equations has been evaluated by analyzing the transformations from local to standard system of the 14602 observing runs so far collected on symbiotic stars with the ANS Collaboration telescopes. Ageing effects, red leaks and transmittance vs. angle of incidence are also evaluated.