Results in Physics (May 2021)

Dieless Friction Stir Extrusion-Brazing (DFSE-B) of AA2024-T3 aluminum alloy to Copper with Zn interlayer

  • M. Paidar,
  • V. Mohanavel,
  • O.O. Ojo,
  • S. Mehrez,
  • S. Rajkumar,
  • M. Ravichandran

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 24
p. 104101


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The integration of flow-induced mechanical interlocking, interlayer-controlled atomic diffusion and self-reacting brazing benefit is employed to achieve an improved load-bearing performance of the dissimilar AA2024-T3/copper joint via the use of Dieless Friction Stir Extrusion-Brazing (DFSE-B). A comparative study of the Dieless Friction Stir Extrusion-Brazing (DFSE-B) and Friction Stir Spot Welding-Brazing (FSSW-B) of the dissimilar AA2024-T3/Cu joint was investigated by using a 100 µm thick Zn interlayer. The microstructure, tensile-shear load, and fracture modes of the respective joints were examined. The results show that Zn solidification-induced voids are inevitable at the brazed zones of both joints and the DFSE-B process suppresses flow-induced defect, unlike the FSSW-B process. An improved tensile-shear load with a significant toughness is achieved by the DFSE-B process due to the absence of tool-induced keyhole, and the intrinsic mechanical interlocking of the softer Al alloy into the harder Cu alloy. The DFSE-B is a suitable welding alternative for reactive metals.