Akofena (Jun 2024)

Arthur Miller's Theater: creative Visions towards global Perspective a Reading of After the Fall

  • Souhila BELHOUALA

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 02, no. 12


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Abstract: Since ancient times, humans have resorted to various methods and different ways to express their concerns, preoccupations, and societal issues. The modes of expression and communication have evolved alongside the advancement of societies. Artists, in general, and playwrights specifically, are individuals within society who live the lives of people, experiencing their joys and sorrows, and attempting to delve into their depths to draw material from them, later translating it into a theatrical work. Thus, the true artist is compelled to participate in the development of the society they live in through their artistic creations, which stem from the reality of that society and express it at the same time. This is precisely what the American writer Arthur Miller achieved when he endeavored to imbue his works with ordinary thought, depicting characters who speak in ordinary language and live ordinary lives, yet ultimately transcend and express the essence of tragedy. This is what made Miller's theater achieve universality at its highest levels. Keywords: American theater, writing, Arthur Miller, realism, universality.