Przegląd Zachodniopomorski (Jan 2020)

Collective or individual biography? A communist in “Regained Lands” just after the WW2

  • Katarzyna Rembacka



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The aim of the article is to compare the biographies of the governmental plenipotentiaries who were sent to Poland in 1945 and to search for the elements connecting them. The profiles of people managing the “Regained Lands” just after the war are presented – Leonard Borkowicz, Jakub Prawin, Stanisław Piaskowski and Aleksander Zawadzki. The biographies of those who, although nominated, did not take over their posts – Aleksander Kaczochy-Józefski and Jerzy Sztachelski – have also been presented. Particular emphasis was placed on the political and ideological choices they made. The article also discusses the human resources policy of Polish communists.