EPJ Web of Conferences (2014-03-01)

Transfer reactions on light exotic nuclei studied with CHIMERA detector at LNS

  • Cardella Giuseppe,
  • Acosta Luis,
  • Amorini Francesca,
  • Auditore Lucrezia,
  • Berceanu Ionela,
  • Chatterjiee Mihir,
  • DeFilippo Enrico,
  • Francalanza Laura,
  • Gianì Rita,
  • Grassi Laura,
  • La Guidara Elena,
  • Lanzalone Gaetano,
  • Lombardo Ivano,
  • Loria Dario,
  • Minniti Triestino,
  • Pagano Angelo,
  • Pagano Emanuele V.,
  • Papa Massimo,
  • Pirrone Sara,
  • Politi Giuseppe,
  • Pop Amalia,
  • Porto Francesco,
  • Rizzo Francesca,
  • Rosato Elio,
  • Russotto Paolo,
  • Santoro Simone,
  • Trifirò Antonio,
  • Trimarchi Marina,
  • Verde Giuseppe,
  • Vigilante Mariano

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 66
p. 03016


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The kinematical coincidence method is used to extract angular distribution of elastic scattering and transfer reactions. The detected light particle energy spectra are used to extract the angular distribution with around 1° resolution in the Center of Mass (CM) system. Examples with 10Be beam are presented. In the case of proton scattering, γ-ray coincidences are used to discriminate excited levels population from elastic scattering.