Journal of Measurement and Evaluation in Education and Psychology (Jun 2017)

Investigation of the Factors Affecting Occupation Choices of High School Students with Paired Comparison Method


Journal volume & issue
Vol. 8, no. 2
pp. 224 – 236


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The aim of the research is to determine effect sequences of factors that play a role in the professional choices of high school students. The study was conducted from 355 high school students who can give thorough and sincere information. The compositions written by students were examined and the field literature survey was done to determine the factors that play a role in the professional selection of the students. In this respect, 9 factors that affect the professional selection of the students have been determined. These factors were presented to students in pairs. And then students were asked to indicate which pair is more effective in their professional selection. Paired comparison scaling was used to determine the order of influence of the factors that affect the professional preferences of the students. According to the results of the analysis, it seems that the most important effect of professional selection of students (except 11th grade students) is the interest in a profession. Also the professional selection of girls and boys are mostly influenced by their interests. At the same time, it is observed that students' university entrance examination scores substantially affect their professional selection. On the other hand, the preferences of the students are influenced by at least the environment.