Sustainable Business and Society in Emerging Economies (Dec 2021)

The Role of Green Human Resource Management Practices towards Attaining Sustainable Development Goals through Corporate Sector

  • Syed Yasir Abbas Zaidi,
  • Samia Jamshed

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 3, no. 4


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Purpose: Drawing on stakeholder theory (Freeman, 1984) and TBL theory (Elkington, 1994), this study aims to propose a consolidated model of GHRMPs – SDGs linkages, shedding light on the underlying process through which the corporate-sector can attain SDGs. Design/methodology: A detailed review of extant literature by strategically choosing articles on the topics of GHRMPs and sustainable-development from different databases published from 2015 to 2022 was performed. Key finding(s): This study identified 8 SDGs potentially attainable by corporate-sector. Through GHRMPs corporate-sector can attain three pillars of sustainability i.e., environmental, social, and economic, effectively execute green SCM practices, undertake green–innovation, and eventually accomplish SDGs. Practical implication(s): This study guides business policymakers and civil society actors seeking to widen the range of sustainable corporate actors. Contribution to knowledge: This study explored the mid-mechanism comprehending the GHRMPs – SDGs linkages and identified the role of GHRMPs towards SDGs, and hence contributes to the knowledge by providing a roadmap for understanding sustainability by exploring the previously unexplored networks between constructs.