Sosyolojik Bağlam Dergisi (Dec 2023)

Digital-Awareness Age and Foam Consciousness Cycle: A Model Essay on the New Form of Consciousness

  • Ali Öztürk

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 4, no. 3
pp. 217 – 237


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Human consciousness is a complex phenomenon that involves various activities such as perception, interpretation, positioning, and development. However, these activities are influenced by the cultural zeitgeist, available tools, and existing consciousness infrastructure. In the digital age, people are faced with a new awareness contract, which requires us to find new ways of engaging with the consequences of these interactions, rather than relying on fixed working principles of the human mind. To achieve this, we need a new model that can explain how human consciousness is shaped by the big data of the digital age. This model should also describe how significant mechanisms manipulate human consciousness and prevent us from questioning them and developing systematic answers. To develop this model, I conducted a qualitative study that involved face-to-face interviews with 17 participants. The study enriched two models: a "foam consciousness cycle diagram" and a complicated consciousness algorithm cycle. These models are based on image epistemology and incorporate philosophical, sociological, and psychological perspectives. In summary, the digital age requires us to rethink our understanding of human consciousness and develop new models that can help us navigate the complex interactions between technology and society