Journal of Modern Science (Apr 2023)

The multi-faceted job prospects of Italian nursing staff during the COVID 19 pandemic - research report

  • Jolanta Łodzińska

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 50, no. 1
pp. 93 – 114


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Objectives The aim of the research carried out in the Italian nursing community was to present a true picture of professional activities under extreme conditions. Material and methods The selection of the sample was carried out using the snowball method, which consists in determining several starting points for the research, which are representatives of the general community known to the researcher, each of these people reached other people, who in turn passed the questionnaires to the next ones, hence the name "snowball" . Results In the vast majority of establishments, 63.8% had not previously received any training in the event of a possible pandemic, 19% had "rather not" such training, "rather took place" in 7.6% of the facilities, "definitely yes" in 3.8 % of institutions, 5.7% of respondents who do not remember training. Conclusions The respondents from Lombardy were the most numerous group, followed by Tuscany and Lazio. It should be emphasized that in Lombardy there were the most deaths due to coronavirus infection (Carola Elvira, 2021, pp. 9-10). When asked about pandemic training, the majority of respondents answered strongly negatively. Similarly, the situation applies to the lack of training related to the sanitary and epidemiological condition in more than half of medical institutions. In most cases, there was training on how to wear protective clothing and accessories. The number of personal protective equipment is not assessed as sufficient in the opinion of more than half of the respondents. However, most of the respondents did not have to purchase them with their own funds. Staffing on duty was not sufficient. The organization of work was also not well conducted in the opinion of half of the respondents.