Sociocultural adaptation of foreign youth to the Ukrainian students: anthroposociology the context

Granì. 2019;21(12):42-51 DOI 10.15421/1718163


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E. R. Borinshteyn (South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University named after K. D. Ushinsky)

A. I. Kisse (South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University named after K. D. Ushinsky)

I. N. Orlenko (South Ukrainian National Pedagogical University named after K. D. Ushinsky)


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Purpose. To study the features of socio-cultural adaptation of young people in the Ukrainian student environment. To justify the leading role anthropogenetics factor in the processes of adaptation in modern society. To highlight the importance of individual, social and spiritual in the development of youth society. Theoretical basis. Taking into account the ambiguity of the goal, the following methods were used in the study: the system method, the methodology of complex socio-cultural research, the method of ascent from the abstract to the concrete, inductive and deductive methods, anthroposociogenetic method. The system method was used to achieve in the theoretical and cognitive basis of understanding the relationship of the main categories of research: «socio-cultural», «adaptation», «socio-cultural adaptation», «socialization», «mentality», «spirituality», «disadaptation”, «social and cultural exclusion». The methodology of complex socio-cultural research, authored by E. R. Borinstein, was used to obtain comprehensive socio-cultural data on the groups studied at the beginning, during and at the end of the study. The method of ascent from concrete to abstract was used, based on the need to move from the analysis of the conceptual apparatus and the theoretical essence of the problem to a specific study of the problems facing Ukrainian students, multicultural in nature and in need of effective methods of social adaptation to the constantly transforming conditions of existence in the new socio-cultural environment. Anthroposociology method, based on the originality and independence of thought of the person allowed to reveal the spiritual-existential essence of Ukrainian students, identify its transcendental characteristics. The scientific novelty of the results is that for the first time in the Ukrainian socio-philosophical thought developed and conducted a comprehensive study of the features of socio-cultural adaptation of foreign youth, which is part of the Ukrainian students to the ever-changing socio-cultural environment. The results of the study provide an opportunity to deepen knowledge about the value orientations of modern youth, to create a model of socio-cultural adaptation in a constantly transforming society. Summary. Social and cultural adaptation of foreign students in case of complex (social, cultural, economic, psychological and political) solution of the issues is the most effective. Further implementation of the project will help students to effectively adapt to the new socio-cultural conditions of their lives and improve the quality and level of education of students, providing a highly motivated mastery of knowledge, skills and abilities. The proposed set of measures to study the effective adaptation of students is one of the steps to solve this problem in a wider range of socio-cultural adaptation of different groups of Ukrainian society.