Archives of Metallurgy and Materials (2015-04-01)

Internal Friction and Young's Modulus Measurements on SiO2 and Ta2O5 Films Done with an Ultra-High Q Silicon-Wafer Suspension

  • Granata M.,
  • Balzarini L.,
  • Degallaix J.,
  • Dolique V.,
  • Flaminio R.,
  • Forest D.,
  • Hofman D.,
  • Michel C.,
  • Pedurand R.,
  • Pinard L.,
  • Sassolas B.,
  • Straniero N.,
  • Teillon J.,
  • Cagnoli G.

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 60, no. 1
pp. 365 – 370


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In order to study the internal friction of thin films a nodal suspension system called GeNS (Gentle Nodal Suspension) has been developed. The key features of this system are: i) the possibility to use substrates easily available like silicon wafers; ii) extremely low excess losses coming from the suspension system which allows to measure Q factors in excess of 2×108 on 3” diameter wafers; iii) reproducibility of measurements within few percent on mechanical losses and 0.01% on resonant frequencies; iv) absence of clamping; v) the capability to operate at cryogenic temperatures. Measurements at cryogenic temperatures on SiO2 and at room temperature only on Ta2O5 films deposited on silicon are presented.