Optical Materials: X (Jul 2023)

Transparent conducting metal oxides nanoparticles for solution-processed thin films optoelectronics

  • Luca Rebecchi,
  • Nicolò Petrini,
  • Ivet Maqueira Albo,
  • Nicola Curreli,
  • Andrea Rubino

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 19
p. 100247


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Semiconductor nanomaterials, and in particular, metal oxides offer great functionality and versatility for many applications at the forefront of material science research. One of the most significant advantage of these compounds at the nanoscale, both for the technological and commercial implications, is the solution synthesis and the consequent exploitation of solution processing. In this work, we present a detailed analysis of ITO nanoparticles solution deposition via the spin coating technique, considering its most common use in optoelectronics as thin films. The results and discussion can provide a list of guidelines for the optimization in the use of these class of materials.