Respiratory Medicine Case Reports (2021-01-01)

Airways flat angioma misdiagnosed as difficult asthma in an adolescent

  • Alessandro Bodini,
  • Laura Tenero,
  • Luca Pecoraro,
  • Chiara Salvottini,
  • Michele Piazza,
  • Giorgio Piacentini

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 32
p. 101323


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A 15 years-old boy came to our attention with a diagnosis of poorly controlled asthma. This case required thorough investigations: CT scan imaging revealed a flat angioma extending from the carina to the left main bronchus. Rigid bronchoscopy confirmed the presence of an angioma showing widespread mucosal diffusion involving most of the posterior tracheal wall and main bronchi, on the left side. We present this case report and these images to readers seeking for other experiences in the diagnosis of wide superficial bronchial angioma in pediatric age.