IEEE Access (Jan 2019)

Joint Time and Power Allocation in Multi-Cell Wireless Powered Communication Networks

  • Jiaqian Liang,
  • Daquan Feng,
  • Chunlong He,
  • Gongbin Qian,
  • Chongtao Guo,
  • Nan Zhang

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 7
pp. 43555 – 43563


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This paper investigates the joint time and power allocation in a multi-cell wireless powered communication network (WPCN) with successive interference cancellation. In the WPCN, the hybrid access points broadcast wireless energy to all users and then the users utilize the harvested energy to transmit information simultaneously in a spectrum-sharing fashion. The max-min fairness throughput optimization and max-sum throughput optimization problems are formulated to analyze the system performance. However, both of the two optimization problems are nonconvex due to the complicated co-channel interference and the coupled time and power variables. To deal with this challenge, efficient two-stage approaches are proposed to transform them into more tractable ones. Specifically, for the max-min fairness throughput optimization problem, we first convert the power allocation problem into geometric programming (GP) problem for given time allocation and then optimize the time allocation. For the max-sum throughput optimization problem, we first transform the power allocation problem into a signomial programming problem with fixed time allocation, which is further approximated as a GP one. Then, time allocation is optimized. The simulation results validate the effectiveness of the two proposed approaches. In addition, it is shown that the “doubly near-far” issue can be well addressed by the max-min fairness throughput optimization.