SHS Web of Conferences (Jan 2021)

The U.S. military culture system of values mirrored by professional lingo

  • Romanov Alexander,
  • Stepanov Sergey,
  • Poluboyarova Marina,
  • Angaleva Mariya,
  • Belaya Natalya

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 101
p. 01007


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This research unveils the nature of relations among such phenomena as "ethnos", "culture" and "language". Vested with the function of axiological retranslation, mottoes of the U.S. Armed Forces services and branches make essential part of the military lingo as a semi-autonomous existential form of the national language. Clichéd formulas of the professional sublanguage official register explicitly reflect collective mindset, dominant values, behavioral patterns, and conceptosphere of America’s society military cluster. The authors arrive at the conclusion that military mottoes are typical of vocativity, brevity, metaphoricity, widespread use of Latinisms, stereotypogenicity, and appeal for professional ethos.