Ekonomiczne Problemy Usług (Jan 2015)

The Development of the LNG-Fuelled Fleet and the LNG-Bunkering Infrastructure within the Baltic and North Sea Region

  • Monika Rozmarynowska-Mrozek

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 119


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In the recent years the growing interest in LNG-fuelled ships has been visible. The regulations concerning emission limits from ships' engines in SECA contained in MAR­POL 73/78 Convention are the main driver of the development of this kind of vessels' propulsion. The boosted interest in LNG fuelled-ships in recent years, especially within the Baltic and the North Sea, which are included in SECA, has caused the increase in a number of initiatives concerning LNG bunkering facilities within these regions. The main aim ofthis article is to analyse the recent development in the field of the LNG-fuel­led fleet and the LNG bunkering facilities within the Baltic and North Sea region.