E3S Web of Conferences (Jan 2020)

Development of e-commerce, transport and logistics in rural Russia: attitudes and obstacles

  • Aleksandrov Igor,
  • Fedorova Marina

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 164
p. 07008


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The objective of the paper is to research the attitudes of local people of the countryside of one Karelian typical village towards the development of e-commerce and remote work. E-commerce and remote work are seem to be a solution for local people to find new jobs and earn more or some extra money. Moreover, abovementioned can be the way to find new markets for selling some good, products and even “not-importables”, which are seen to be the must to be created to revitalise the economic system of rural areas. Except the lack of knowledge on the the theme, the main obstacles for e-commerse are bad roads and bad Internet connections. The delivery and logistics system should be revised.