Univerzitetska Misao (Jan 2020)

Facebook groups as a tool in high education

  • Dojčinović Nikola

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 2020, no. 19
pp. 31 – 43


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The modern age is characterized by the Internet era, the rapid development of technology and new means of communication and education, including social networks. The aim of this paper is to examine the degree of utilization of Facebook in higher education by students, and educational tools within the network. The first part of the paper refers to definition of key terms in relation to the subject matter of the research, chapters on the social network Facebook in function of education and Facebook groups in education. This section also presents interpretations of previous researches, from published scientific papers and books, on the use of the Facebook social network in high education. The second part presents the research conducted for the purposes of this paper, which showed that a group of surveyed students from the Faculty of Philosophy in Niš use Facebook for educational purposes through Facebook groups. Finally, the results that led to the conclusion are summarized.