Cadernos de Terapia Ocupacional (2017-03-01)

Manual development for basic guidelines of the day-to-day for people with multiple sclerosis

  • Paula Pozzi Pimentel,
  • Rosé Colom Toldrá

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 25, no. 1
pp. 67 – 74


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Objective: The study aims to present the steps developed for the guidance manual enhancement and its application on people with multiple sclerosis occurred in a therapeutic group conducted by the Occupational Therapy. According to health policies, the production of educational materials is multidisciplinary and is useful as a tool to promote health due to this ability to increase the knowledge and problem solutions. The chronic and progressive disease brings alterations in different body functions and demands changes and strategies to minimize their impact on people’s lives. Method: Documentary study based on written records and audio produced in the group meetings in the period from 2013 to 2014. The analysis of the documents was based on the Collective Subject Discourse (CSD) method. Results: The study included 10 people with multiple sclerosis, aged 23-55 years, the majority with over 5 years of disease. It was generated four CSD. According to the speeches the manual served as a practical tool and easy consultation, which favored demystify the disease, served as a guide for the routine activities, support identifying problems and facilitating the interaction with the social network. Conclusion: The use of the manual was useful because it facilitates the practice of acquired skills in the group and encourage co-responsibility for their own health.