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Journal Title: Вестник московского государственного областного университета. Серия: Физика-математика

ISSN: 2072-8387 (Print); 2310-7251 (Online)

Publisher: Moscow Region State University Editorial Office

Society/Institution: Moscow Region State University

LCC Subject Category: Science: Mathematics

Country of publisher: Russian Federation

Language of fulltext: Russian

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Андроникова Екатерина Олеговна
Матвеев Олег Александрович (Московский государственный областной университет)


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We consider the geometric and algebraic properties of a locally symmetric differentiable manifold of an affine connection. The identities in the geodesic loop of a symmetric affine connection space are discussed. Using the left Bol identity, which the geodesic loop satisfies at each point of space, we derive an algebraic identity that is satisfied by the geodesic symmetries of locally flat spaces. The results obtained are used to solve construction problems.