E3S Web of Conferences (Jan 2016)

Effects of loading frequency on cyclic parameters of unsaturated Zenoz kaolin

  • Mojezi Mohsen,
  • Biglari Mahnoosh,
  • Jafari Mohammad Kazem

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 9
p. 14003


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According to the considerable effects of the loading frequency on the cyclic behaviour of the soils and lack of the sufficient and precise data in this field for the unsaturated soils, more attention needs to be paid to the experimental investigations in various loading paths and frequencies. Meanwhile the unsaturated cyclic tests require advanced equipment and need more precision and time. In this paper, the results of two groups of tests which were performed on an unsaturated fine grained soil in the same initial condition are presented and compared during specific stress paths (pre-cycles of loading and during cycles). The tests are performed using the same suction-controlled cyclic triaxial apparatus in the same stress path before loading cycles, but two conditions of the cyclic loading frequencies (slow cyclic tests with the constant suction condition during the cycles and rapid cyclic tests with the unsteady suction condition during the cyclic path). The results show that increase in the loading frequency leads to the considerable increase in the shear modulus of the samples in the same strain levels.