Applied Sciences (2020-12-01)

Design and Analysis of a Novel Microspeaker with Enhanced Low-Frequency SPL and Size Reduction

  • Ki-Hong Park,
  • Zhi-Xiong Jiang,
  • Sang-Moon Hwang

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 10, no. 8902
p. 8902


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In the era of multimedia devices, smartphones have become the primary device for consuming multimedia content. As technological developments have facilitated a more immersive multimedia experience, enlarged displays and the use of several sensors have limited the allowable size of microspeakers. Although sound plays an important role when consuming multimedia content, the limited space for microspeakers in modern devices leads to poor acoustic performance, especially at low frequencies. To address this issue, this paper proposes a novel microspeaker structure that enhances the low-frequency sound pressure level (SPL), while also featuring reduced exterior dimensions. The structure was designed and analyzed using 3D finite element analysis. Through coupling analysis, the simulation results were verified on the basis of the experimental results. The novel microspeaker has one outer magnet surrounding the entire coil, unlike in prototype microspeakers, which have two outer magnets. The gap between the top plates and coil is reduced, and a new type of coil is introduced for the purpose of increasing electromagnetic force. The samples were manufactured, and their SPLs were tested in an anechoic chamber. The experimental results prove that the proposed microspeaker offers an improved SPL at low frequencies compared with prototype microspeakers.