Evropejskij Issledovatelʹ (Jan 2013)

Future Specialist’s Professional Position Molding

  • Irina A. Levitskaya

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 46, no. 4-2
pp. 912 – 917


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The search of conditions for future specialist’s professional position molding is crucial nowadays. This article discloses the features of “position” notion essence in the context of professional self-determination, analyses the problems of future specialist’s professional development in terms of topical social and professional objectives solution, considers debatable issues of professional development as an integral continuous process of future specialist’s personality formation. The stages of personality professional molding are elaborated. The author determines the relation of professional position with different types of positions (social, personal, role-based). It is mentioned that professional position is determined by professional attitudes and characterizes person’s system of stable value relations towards future professional activities. The relation between the professional position molding and the professional orientation, determining person’s peculiarly experienced selective attitude towards reality, influencing his/her activity is emphasized