Modern Economics (Apr 2020)

Motivational bases for the development of social entrepreneurship in rural

  • Diuk A.

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 20
pp. 86 – 91


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Abstract. Introduction. The article describes the motivational foundations of rural social enterprise development. The priority role of social entrepreneurship as a basic mechanism for replacing state socio-economic functions in the system of solving rural development problems is substantiated. The priority of the socially oriented mode of production in agriculture over the capitalist has been theoretically proved. The purpose. The statuses of social entrepreneurship are defined by functions and results that apply to the criteria for achieving sustainable development of rural areas. A methodological comparative assessment of the functions of social entrepreneurship and socially responsible entrepreneurship is carried out. Theoretical aspects of socialization of agricultural business activity in the context of realization of access of market subjects to jobs, goods are revealed. Results. The criteria of accessibility of the results of business management as an indicative factor of the level of social welfare of the peasants have been determined. Conclusions. The organizational conformity of the status of social entrepreneurship of economic and social functions of production enterprises, which are realized through the mechanism of social responsibility, has been proved. The motivational meanings of the spread of social entrepreneurship are identified and the strategic steps of motivational support for its development in rural areas are suggested. The correspondence of the steps of spreading social entrepreneurship to the possible scenarios of its spread is marked. The long period of socio-economic stagnation of the rural sector of the economy, despite some successes in the production sphere, contributes to the deepening of the destructive development of the village. This year there are additional problems that will need to be addressed in the entrepreneurial, social and labor fields. There is a real need to support the expansion of entrepreneurial systems that fulfill a social mission in the countryside.