Risk in Contemporary Economy (Apr 2021)

The new Era of Communication in Public Administration. From Classic to Digital

  • Silvia Elena Iacob,
  • Luiza Maria Hrestic,
  • George Alexandru Istrate

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 1, no. 1
pp. 461 – 464


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This article highlights how communication has changed lately. Communication occupies a prominent place in our lives, because it is present in different situations in personal life and work, or in different activities we do. In fact, communication is ubiquitous, either through gestures or vocal, or verbal or digital. Some studies have shown that 55% of a face-to-face discussion is body language, 38% is the vocal part, and the remaining 7% is the verbal part. Therefore, we can say that through body language we can understand the message transmitted in communication. Communication is extremely important, complex, which aims to achieve certain objectives, such as the transmission of information, messages, decisions, through specific channels such as language and language.