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Z badań nad posługą katechetyczną dla młodzieży w szkole publicznej na przykładzie Liceum Ogólnokształcącego - Zespołu Szkół Ponadgimnazjalnych w Dębnie w latach 1945-2015

Colloquia Theologica Ottoniana. 2016;1 DOI 10.18276/cto.2016.1-04


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Journal Title: Colloquia Theologica Ottoniana

ISSN: 1731-0555 (Print); 2353-2998 (Online)

Publisher: Szczecin University Press

Society/Institution: Institute of Theological Sciences of the University of Szczecin

LCC Subject Category: Philosophy. Psychology. Religion

Country of publisher: Poland

Language of fulltext: Polish, German, Italian, English

Full-text formats available: PDF



Zenon Kapłon


Double blind peer review

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Time From Submission to Publication: 15 weeks


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In the last seventy years of catechism of youth from the High School – Upper Secondary School No 1 in Debno, noticeable changes in the mentality of people co-creating the Catechesis as well as the changes in the external conditions of Catechesis can be Observed. Such changes result in many problems That the contemporary catechism must face. The main issue lies in individual people and numerous communities perceiving life based on the model “as if God did not exist.” Such concept of life based on “etsi Deus non daretur” is sometimes accompanied by a lack of ultimate meaning in life. Every so often, in many people and communities of the existence does not require an essence for themselves or any whatsoever. Despite the fact. That the pupils from dry communities attend the Catechesis, they are not fully aware of the reason why they are attending it. There is no current research Concerning the influence of dry stereotype on young people, Their parents as well as catechists.