Shanghai Jiaotong Daxue xuebao (Oct 2023)

Analysis of Corrosion Damage Stress of Composite Steel Sheet Pile for Dock Wall

  • TIAN Yinxue, JIN Guolong, WANG Yong, LI Huamei, ZHOU Dongrong, DAI Qing, ZHU Xiaodong, TANG Jiwei

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 57, no. S1
pp. 87 – 93


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Dry Dock No. 1 of Shanghai Shipyard has been in disrepair after the relocation of the shipyard. The composite-steel-sheet-pile dock walls have been corroded to a certain extent, and the under-drained system behind the wall failed. In order to explore the bearing performance of the corroded composite steel sheet pile dock wall during the recent docking of ancient ships and the subsequent construction of the museum, numerical models of the dock and steel sheet pile dock wall were established, and their displacements, internal forces, and local stresses in the corroded area were obtained. It is concluded that the composite steel sheet pile is temporarily in the strength safety state, and can withstand the load generated by the ancient ship docking in the short term. When the depth of rust pits reaches 4.6 mm, it will be difficult for steel sheet piles to meet the bearing capacity requirements. It is suggested that steel sheet piles should be reinforced and repaired within 7 years after rust detection, and the rust prevention system should be re-established to ensure the safety of the dock structure during subsequent engineering construction.