EPJ Web of Conferences (Jan 2020)

Numerical solutions to Giovannini’s QCD parton branching processes

  • Ong Z.,
  • Agarwal P.,
  • Ang H.W.,
  • Wang E.,
  • Chan A.H.,
  • Oh C.H.

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 240
p. 07009


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In 1979, Giovannini [1] formulated multiparticle production as a manifestation of four QCD processes: A: g → gg (gluon bremsstrahlung), A-: q → qg (quark bremsstrahlung), B: g → qq (quark pair creation) and C: g → ggg (four-gluon vertex). At present, only approximate solutions exist, such as the Generalized Multiplicity Distribution (GMD) which excludes pro- cesses B and C [2, 3]. These approximate solutions have been very successful in describing charged particle multiplicities at lower energies, at least until the appearance of a shoulder-like structure at √s ≈ 200 GeV and 900 GeV first reported by the UA5 collaboration [4], also known as “KNO-scaling violation”. Here, we extend the work of Sakai [5] and attempt a numerical solution that incorporates all four QCD processes, and see if the addition of processes B and C can explain the shoulder-like structure.