Scientia Marina (Mar 2009)

Characterisation of environmental forcing on Zostera marina L. plastochrone interval dynamics in the Punta Banda Estuary, B.C. Mexico: an empirical modelling approach

  • Elena Solana-Arellano,
  • Hector Echavarría-Heras,
  • Cecilia Leal-Ramírez

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 73, no. 1
pp. 95 – 103


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This paper presents a characterisation of the most significant environmental influences on plastochrone interval variation for Zostera marina L. in Punta Banda estuary B.C. Mexico. Data were collected from April 1998 to December 2001. Using correlation and principal component analysis, we found that the combination of sea surface temperature, light radiation and dissolved nutrients explains the observed variability consistently. Sea surface temperature was found to be the dominant environmental influence (r=0.89, p