BCES Conference Books (Jun 2019)

Examining the Assessment of Anchoring Vignettes in Different Information and Communication Technology Competence Domains: The Results of a Pilot Study Among Upper-Secondary Students

  • Ondrej Papajoanu,
  • Katerina Kralova,
  • Hana Vonkova,
  • Jiri Stipek

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 17
pp. 203 – 209


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The anchoring vignette method has been proposed as an innovative approach to solve the problem with self-assessment data incomparability caused by the differences in scale usage between respondents. In this study, we use a set of 15 anchoring vignettes describing different domains of ICT skills (Information, Communication, Content creation, Safety, and Problem solving) to examine the differences in scale usage between Czech upper-secondary students (N = 166) studying at different types of schools in these domains of ICT competence. Our preliminary results suggest that students studying at different types of schools seem to have different standards for vignette evaluation (i.e. they use the scale differently), however, we also identified certain similarities in the way students from a particular school use the scale across the five ICT competence domains. Such findings might be of high relevance for the further use of the anchoring vignette method in ICT competence research, however, further investigation in this research area is necessary.