Развитие образования (Jan 2019)

Symptom check for plagiarism become students of economic specialties directions and training programs

  • Natalia N. Khakhonova

Journal volume & issue
no. 1 (3)
pp. 90 – 93


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The article deals with the issues of the quality requirements of the content of scientific articles of students of economic universities, represented for participation in scientific conferences, subject to a high percentage of the uniqueness of the text. The idea of this article is to get an answer to the most important question: what can a student write today, only mastering the basics of the profession, studying various courses provided by the curriculum, forming their professional competence, on any chosen topic of research, observing the established standard of uniqueness. On the example of articles on the problems of taxation, accounting, auditing, the impossibility of ensuring the semantic content of the text without the use of a large number of legal sources, and, therefore, the inadmissibility of the installation by universities of any percent of uniqueness, acting as a criterion for the quality of the article. The main task of higher education, according to the author, is to teach the student to determine the topic of interest, highlight unresolved problems in the context of this topic, find and group available in the economic literature approaches to its solution, to analyze existing proposals and recommendations for compliance with current tax, accounting and audit legislation, taking into account the specifics of the object of study.