TEM Journal (Aug 2021)

Entrepreneurial Orientation of Male and Female Entrepreneurs in Small Firms

  • Janka Betáková,
  • Małgorzata Okręglicka,
  • Katarína Havierniková

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 10, no. 3
pp. 1307 – 1313


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Many research studies indicate differences in the activities of small enterprises run by female and male entrepreneurs. These differences also apply to shaping entrepreneurial orientation. The main aim of the paper is to identify the entrepreneurial orientation in dimensions of autonomy, innovation, risk-taking, different level of proactivity, and competitive aggressiveness in relation to the gender of the entrepreneurs. This paper presents the results of a survey conducted among 220 small enterprises in Poland. The research showed a similar level of entrepreneurial orientation in the observed dimensions and the positive correlation between entrepreneurial orientation and the economic performance of enterprises in both studied groups.