Flexibility in software development: the perception of project managers Aracaju / SE

Revista Produção Online. 2014;14(3):1050-1076 DOI 10.14488/1676-1901.v14i3.1658


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Journal Title: Revista Produção Online

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Publisher: Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina

Society/Institution: Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, Departamento de Engenharia de Produção e Sistemas

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Country of publisher: Brazil

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Michell Angelo Santos Lima (Universidade Federal de Sergipe - UFS)

Maria Conceição Melo Silva Luft (Universidade Federal de Sergipe - UFS)


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Managers of software development projects increasingly need to deal with factors such as competition, demand for quality, lower product life cycles and constant technological changes in the market. Aiming to contribute to this discussion, this research investigates how the characteristics of flexibility are perceived by project managers in software development through the description of process models for software development adopted in the context studied, as well as highlighting elements flexibility in these processes. The methodology was exploratory, descriptive as well as qualitative, and adopted the strategy of researching a multiple case study in which the cases were characterized by the processes of software development. As a source of evidence, were chosen managers of software projects on companies that operate in Aracaju more than five years in the role, considering that these professionals possess a thorough overview of the development process of such systems. As results, project managers, while focusing on the technical aspects of the software development process, associate the level of success of the project to factors, such as flexibility with respect to customer in working groups and in the process development.