Einstein (São Paulo) (2010-12-01)

Expression of p53, p16 and Ki67 proteins in ductal adenocarcinoma of the pancreatic head and their relation with survival and cell differentiation

  • Mário Benjamin Goitia-Durán,
  • Marcelo Moura Linhares,
  • Ricardo Artigiani Neto,
  • Franz Robert Apodaca-Torrez,
  • Edson José Lobo,
  • Alberto Goldenberg

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 8, no. 4
pp. 444 – 448


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Objective: To determine the expression of p53, p16 and Ki-67 and its relevance in survival and cell differentiation. Methods: Fifteen duodenopancreatectomized patients were included. Immunohistochemical expression of p53, p16 and Ki-67 was determined in paraffin embedded tumor blocks. The relation of these expressions with different variables was studied. Results: Ninety-three per cent of tumors showed expression of p53 and p16. Ki-67 was expressed in 86.66% of tumors (labeling index – LI 11.91 ± 9.47). The presence of combined alterations was not related to significant differences in tumor type, stage or survival; similar results were obtained analyzing isolated expressions. When groups of p16 and Ki-67 expressions where created, the median survival was not significant. However, there was a slightly better survival in patients with focal expression of p16 (median survival 20.75 versus 14.34), when compared to patients with diffuse expression. Conclusion: The overexpression of p53, p16 and Ki-67 was not related to survival or tumor grade, when comparing isolated or combined expressions.