Acta Biologica (Jan 2016)

Molecular study of Prussian carp – an invasive species in the lakes of the Leszno Lakeland

  • Remigiusz Panicz,
  • Sławomir Keszka,
  • Agnieszka Rybczyk,
  • Andrzej Zawal

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 23


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Invasions of alien species are a serious problem worldwide. In Poland, among of 30 alien species recorded in aquatic environment Prussian carp (Carassius gibelio) draw increasing attention due to its exceptionally successful colonization. Therefore the aim of the work was to perform study on Prussian carp populations, including genetic testing, which may answer questions regarding the degree of variation and the reasons for success in new locations. The material for the study consisted of fin clips from 120 specimens of the species Prussian carp collected from five lakes in the Leszno Lakeland. Genetic variation within and between groups was analysed based on sequence analysis of control region (D-loop, mtDNA). Genetic analyses revealed variability in sequence length (Indel 353A), where in the group of sequences from Lakes Wonieść and Łoniewskie there was one sequence variant, with 555 base pairs, but from Lakes Osłonińsko-Górskie, Dominickie and Wielkie, consisted of variants of 554 (30%)and 555 (70%) base pairs. Presented work indicate that presence and spread of alien species may be used as an indicator of worsening environmental conditions, therefore analysed areas should be given special attention in the process of restoration to their original state.