Mobile Information Systems (Jan 2022)

Effectiveness of Interactive Reading Mode Based on Multisensor Information Fusion in English Teaching

  • Xiaoqiang Yu,
  • Liang Zhang

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 2022


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With the development of the data era, information is available in complex and diverse forms, and the information obtained by a single sensor is always incomplete and cannot grasp the global content. Multisensors, on the other hand, can obtain more dimensional information about the target and fuse the multidimensional information, thus changing the shortcomings of a single sensor. For students, reading is an essential means of communicating ideas and acquiring information, yet many teachers focus too much on decoding language and teaching literal meaning. In general, students only passively acquire knowledge, which does not effectively improve their analytical and reasoning skills. Under the guidance of an efficient reading mode, it is crucial to develop good reading habits and use correct reading strategies. To enhance the effectiveness of interaction between students and teachers, this paper proposes an interactive reading model based on multisensor information fusion to help students’ acquisition of background knowledge and language skills, including teacher-student interaction before reading, during reading, and after reading, which ensures the completeness and accuracy of the interactive information and helps decision-making judgments. In this paper, by introducing the theoretical knowledge of multisensor information fusion and interactive reading mode, and by evaluating the English teaching in two parallel classes with the traditional English teaching mode and using the interactive reading mode, we found that the students in the experimental class B believed that their English level in all aspects had improved significantly, and the number of students who performed the 30–60 minutes English reading time period had increased substantially compared with that before the experiment, which could improve the students’ reading level of interest in reading, so English teaching using the interactive reading model is effective.