Інформаційні технології і засоби навчання (2019-02-01)


  • Roman S. Gurevych,
  • Valentyna A. Frytsiuk,
  • Nataliia Ye. Dmytrenko

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 69, no. 1
pp. 211 – 221


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The authors developed and tested diagnostic instruments (a computer testing system) aimed at the identification of prospective teachers’ readiness for continuous professional self-development by the following criteria: the awareness of necessity for purposeful continuous professional self-development; the level of acquired professional knowledge, integrative and theoretical training; the formation of abilities and practical skills for professional self-development; practical training; a set of individual and psychological qualities important for continuous professional self-development and future professional activity in general; the focus on self-analysis, self-assessment of professional self-development. The developed survey “Diagnostics of Readiness for Professional Self-development” includes original parts of questionnaires and tests, which were creatively redesigned and adapted according to the research. Among them: “Dispositive Characteristic of Self-development of Personality”, “Diagnostics of Success Motivation”, “Diagnostics of Self-development Needs”, “Motivation of Professional Activity”, Cattell’s 16 PF-questionnaire, and others. For the purpose of implementing the authors’ concept, the technology of prospective teachers’ training for continuous professional self-development is developed. This technology is considered to be a system of contents, principles, methods, forms, substantiated organizational and pedagogical conditions that provides implementation of the authors’ concept and guarantees achievement of the planned results – increasing the level of prospective teachers’ readiness for continuous professional self-development. After the implementation of the technology, the computer diagnostics was applied again. The results of the final diagnostics showed the effectiveness of the training technology of the prospective teacher for continuous professional self-development and the computer method “Diagnostics of Readiness for Professional Self-development”.