Geographica Helvetica (Aug 2021)

Producing virtual reality (VR) field trips – a concept for a sense-based and mindful geographic education

  • K. Mohring,
  • N. Brendel

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 76
pp. 369 – 380


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Virtual reality (VR) enables users to have an alternate reality experience. The virtual world surrounds users and can be perceived atmospherically. However, VR triggers human perception with far-reaching consequences. VR worlds are hardly questioned by the consumers. The effects of virtual experiences could have a lasting impact on learning or acting. Therefore, it is necessary to reflect on the use of VR in educational contexts. In our research and teaching project students produced VR field trips on topics of urban society–environment research. Based on the project findings we explain how we implement VR as a practice of sense-based and content-based acquirement of space and a (visual) practice of mediation. A key element is the critical reflection on the meaning of body and emotion. This can be a way to mindfulness – both in the context of teaching and in the context of the transformation of society–environment relations in general.