Heliyon (Sep 2022)

Customer retention through service quality and satisfaction: using hybrid SEM-neural network analysis approach

  • Anas A. Salamah,
  • Shahizan Hassan,
  • Ali Aljaafreh,
  • Walaa A. Zabadi,
  • Mohammad Ali AlQudah,
  • Naeem Hayat,
  • Abdullah Al Mamun,
  • Thavamaran Kanesan

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 8, no. 9
p. e10570


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Mobile commerce is a developing phenomenon, youth worldwide utilising the platform that provides flexibility, ease, and convenience of online shopping through mobile devices. The study investigates the influence of mobile commerce service quality dimensions on the perception of service quality and customer satisfaction. Satisfaction in Mobile commerce promotes the revisit intention among the customer. The study model was designed on the service quality model SERVQUAL, and the factors were adopted from the information and system quality dimensions. The hypotheses were tested with Jordanian adults, and data was collected through a survey from January 2020 to April 2020. The data was analysed using the variance-based statistical analysis tool with Smart Partial Least Squares 3.2. The non-compensatory analytical technique of artificial neural network analysis was employed to assess the study models. Resultantly, responsiveness and cognitive control factors were significantly related to the Mobile commerce overall service quality. The information quality dimension of content usefulness and adequacy was significantly related to the mobile commerce overall service quality. Mobile commerce system quality dimensions were significantly related to the overall service quality. Furthermore, overall service quality perception significantly influenced customer satisfaction, promoting the revisit intention towards mobile commerce. Multilayer artificial neural network analysis was applied. The result conclusively showed that website innovativeness, content usefulness, and ease of use were the three substantial mobile commerce platforms that impacted overall service quality. The e-business management should use state-of-the-art technology features to enhance the quality perception and develop payment security features to nurture trust among users. Future research opportunities and limitations were reported at the end.