International Journal of Emerging Technologies in Learning (iJET) (Dec 2021)

Evaluating the Practice of ICT-Based E-Leadership: The Experiences of Private-Based Secondary Teachers

  • Lokman Mohd Tahir,
  • Chia Shi Ping,
  • Noor Azean Atan,
  • Mohd Fadzli Ali,
  • Sanitah Mohd Yusof

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 16, no. 23


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In recent years, the role of internet and communication technology (ICT) has significantly impacted organisational activities including leadership practices. In this sense, interactions between leaders and followers have undergone tremendous technological changes that have reduced face-to-face interactions. Therefore, this study was designed to examine the imple-mentation of using technological advances to develop an e-leadership platform for teachers and school leaders. A survey of the feedback from 260 in-service teachers currently with two private secondary schools was undertaken. Findings revealed that the school principals had used ICT-based e-leadership practices to conduct online meetings with teachers and disseminate relevant information on the school’s administrative tasks. Most importantly, the principals have used e-leadership on a regular basis in planning and developing strategic school-improvement plans with teachers. As a result, the use of ICT-based e-learning has increased teachers’ efficiency and performance and contributed to practical and effective school administration.