Les autoritats lingüístiques

Revista de Llengua i Dret - Journal of Language and Law. 2006;0(45)


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Journal Title: Revista de Llengua i Dret - Journal of Language and Law

ISSN: 0212-5056 (Print); 2013-1453 (Online)

Publisher: Escola d'Administració Pública de Catalunya

LCC Subject Category: Language and Literature: Romanic languages

Country of publisher: Spain

Language of fulltext: French, Occitan (post 1500); Provençal, German, Dutch; Flemish, Basque, Galician, English, Spanish; Castilian, Italian, Catalan; Valencian, Aragonese

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Bartomeu Colom Pastor


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Each of the languages declared to be official by the Constitution or Statutes of Autonomy has a language authority that has been recognized by the central government. These language authorities have adopted the model of the language academy. Among the most prominent of its functions are setting standards for the respective languages and overseeing their unity. Some of these academies are private in origin, while others rely on the sponsorhip or initiative of the provincial governing bodies (Diputaciones provinciales). The statutes of autonomy or language standardization laws for the respective autonomous communities have, in general, explicitly recognized these language authorities. The Balear Statute of Autonomy provides for an official consultative institution for all matters having to do with the Catalan language: the University of the Balearic Islands. As for the Valencian Statute of Autonomy, it has proclaimed the Valencian Academy of the Language as language authority.