Granì (Apr 2014)

Rational reconstruction of the history of philosophy: the problem of understanding, explanation, interpretation and critical thinking

  • M. A. Sheguta

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 0, no. 6
pp. 12 – 19


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The article is devoted to such complex phenomenon, historical and philosophical process composes variety of philosophical trends, movements, schools. Growing interest in the problem analyze history of philosophy is due to several circumstances. Firstly this program analysis essentially the history of philosophy , to a certain extent is the eternal philosophical problem , because at each stage of historical development or that philosophical phenomenon has seen and evaluated differently . Secondly, at the turn of XX­XXI centuries held known reassessment of values in this field with: certain departure from the Marxist paradigm of the history of philosophy and assess the contribution of particular schools, individual representatives of philosophical systems in the world’s cultural heritage. Therefore the aim of the research work of the historian of philosophy is always a rational reconstruction of historical and philosophical text. Reconstruction of the philosophical concepts of the last stands for the historian of philosophy as a point in the process of understanding the texts, the totality of which in terms of their understanding creates a certain hermeneutical universe. For the reconstruction of the past vision of the world in all its diversity, uniqueness, encrypted in philosophical texts, knowledge provides an explanation, understanding, interpreting the texts and interpretation. In this paper we made an attempt to analyze the views on the problem in G­G . Gadamer , Dilthey , F. Schleiermacher , M.V. Popovich, S.B. Crimskiy ,M.M. Bakhtin and other scientists