Journal of Public Administration, Finance and Law (Dec 2013)


  • VRABIE Catalin

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 2, no. 4
pp. 84 – 93


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Is it possible to involve citizens in the process of increasing public safety? Police used, even from its beginnings, the help of citizens, otherwise they would encounter problems in performing its duty - many of its successes were due to the unification of Police forces with the citizens. How citizens get involved? (1) They may be directly asked by the Police officers (a time consuming method because many police officers needs to go on the field to speak with the potential witnesses) or (2) by using the mass-media channels (television can address to a large number of potential witnesses in a very short time). We still can see on TV portraits of missing persons, or some other kind of images with which the Police is trying to solve some of its cases (thieves, robbers or burglars surprised by surveillance cameras) – why not Internet software application?!