Ekonomiczne Problemy Usług (Mar 2018)

Konkurencyjność polskiego transportu drogowego na rynku europejskim

  • Augustyn Lorenc

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 130


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This article focuses on showing the position of Poland and Polish carriers against the European market. One of the objectives of the publication was to assess the chances of Polish road carriers on the European market and to indicate the factors determining the success of running a transport company on the market. According to Eurostat statistics, Poland is in second place in Europe in terms of transport performance. However, in terms of the transported weight of cargo, it is in the fourth place. This situation shows that Polish transport companies are pursuing an aggressive strategy of entering the foreign market, and it is necessary to take measures aimed at increasing the efficiency of transport. The article discusses trends in the development of the European market as well as economic aspects related to the economic activity of Polish carriers. Opportunities and threats for Polish companies from the TFL sector as well as predictions related to their further development were presented.